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06.10.2014  /  

Wellness Festival 2014

When Duarte first asked me to be their Wellness Promoter and head of the Wellness Committee, my first thought was, how am I going to get all of these people to change their lifestyles even a little bit? How are we going to get these people excited about being healthy? Turns out the answer was […] Continue Reading

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06.09.2014  /  

Re-Designing Mary Meeker’s Trends Report

Every year, Mary Meeker delivers a presentation with tons of insight into internet trends. Every year, designers (and, let’s face it, business people) everywhere feel overwhelmed by the amount of information displayed on her slides. One designer, Emiland De Cubber, decided to take a pass at cleaning up Meeker’s slides, and his work was featured […] Continue Reading


06.02.2014  /  

How to “Talk Like TED” and Other Insights from Carmine Gallo

When the book Talk Like TED hit the shelves, I was so mad that I hadn’t written it myself! But I couldn’t be happier that Carmine Gallo created a thoughtful, well-written piece that will help people improve their communications. Carmine Gallo started out as a journalist and worked for several major news outlets before becoming an author, speaker, […] Continue Reading

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