Hear About Us, From Us

We help top organizations tell compelling stories — from keynotes on the big stage to everyday presentations — through content development, visual design, and speaker coaching. We also teach storytelling and design skills through our best-selling books and workshops.

Learn Speakers' Secrets

Great talks are great for a reason. Watch Nancy explain the secret similarities behind the world’s most memorable speeches, and learn how you can use the same techniques to create powerful presentations that resonate with your audience.

Write Killer Presentations

Nancy Duarte’s best-selling book is now available online at no cost. Leveraging techniques learned from the world’s most memorable cinema and literature, Resonate teaches you how to plan and write presentations to make maximum impact.

Complement Your Presentation

A hybrid between long-form documents and presentations, Slidedocs display dense information in a highly visual way. Intended to be read and referenced instead of projected, a Slidedoc is the perfect self-navigable pre-read, reference, or leave-behind to complement your presentation.

Visualize Your Information

Diagrammer is a library of 4,000 customizable diagrams that make your message more easily understood—and look good doing it. Review them all or use the simple interface to identify the perfect diagram, then download a free, PowerPoint®-ready file to enhance your presentation.

Diagnose Your Journey

There are five stages to every transformation. Throughout the journey, leaders use a combination of communication methods to inform and inspire the people they are guiding. By understanding where your audience is in their journey, you can diagnose which type of communication will be most useful: speeches, stories, ceremonies, or symbols.