Duarte DataStory®

Employ data storytelling techniques to distill key insights from data and shape into clear actionable recommendations that speed decisions.

Ways to learn
  • Present data as a recommendation that motivates clients and stakeholders to act
  • Use data storytelling techniques to present data that decision makers can easily approve
  • Institute a common “data language” and methodology to increase decision-making speed across your organization
  • Maximize the potential of your data

A recent study shows 67% of job openings are for analytics-enabled roles. And yet, hiring data-savvy employees doesn’t always translate into results because we’ve skipped a crucial step—developing the skill of communicating data to inspire action.

DataStory teaches Duarte’s research-based methodology for explaining data in a way that moves people to action. It isn’t about data analysis or visualization. It’s about persuasive data communication.

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