Duarte.com/edy Episode 7: Color Theory

Colors evoke emotions, so while talking about color theory can seem complex (there are certainly many ways to organize, classify and coordinate colors), in reality, it really just comes down to how we react to what we see.  So don’t be afraid of investigating color theory. The answers are probably more straightforward than you might think.

Also, Duarte.com/edy’s Bob and Finn will be appearing at San Diego Comic-Con, July 23-27.  They’ll be in line, in panels, and on the showroom floor asking questions to find out what makes a great story (and what better place to do that than Comic-Con?). Follow their live tweets @bobandfinn all during the convention. And watch for a video of their exploits at www.www.duarte.com/edy next week.

Design / Duarte.com/edy

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