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04.11.2013  /  

Best Tool for Building a New Space: Google SketchUp

As a designer, some of the most challenging clients are the ones with a design background—they catch everything. So it was with great empathy that I jumped in to help the wonderful architects who had been asked to visualize our new office for two of perhaps the most challenging clients of all—our CEO, Nancy Duarte, […] Continue Reading

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11.16.2012  /  

PowerPoint 2013: New and (Mostly) Improved

When 2012 closes and the Mayans have been proven wrong, we’ll all have something to celebrate other than the fact that the world hasn’t ended – a new version of PowerPoint. Sometime in January, Microsoft is expected to release Office 2013, and with it, the latest and greatest version of PowerPoint. Our team at the […] Continue Reading

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