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2018 trends to watch for presentation industry
01.18.2018  /  

Presentation Industry Trends to Watch in 2018

Confucius once said: study the past if you would define the future. So, before everyone headed out on holiday vacations, we asked a few Duartians to tell us what they saw in the presentation industry during 2017, so that we all could better understand what 2018 holds. From an inclusion of more personal stories, to […] Continue Reading

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MLK I Have A Dream - Duarte
01.15.2018  /  

Communicate Like MLK and Change the World

This post was updated January 15, 2018. Thanks to the proliferation and growth of social media and live video today, nearly everyone has a public platform that they can use to convey a message to a large audience. It’s possible to see more clearly than ever who can give a talk that moves people and […] Continue Reading

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man celebrating woman's success
01.11.2018  /  

How My Wife Created A Powerful Professional Poster

In 2017 I took 131 flights to lead 58 workshops. I spent close to 100 nights in hotels. Yes, it was exhausting, but also worth it because of the success stories I heard from clients. People don’t get smarter as the result of our workshops. They simply become better communicators.  I see our workshop attendees […] Continue Reading

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Audience Needs
01.04.2018  /  

How to Really Craft Audience-Centric Presentations

There’s a saying, “people don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.” That’s excellent life-advice, and it can also help you when you’re trying to write an audience-centric presentation. If you put the effort into considering your audience (a.k.a. “care”) you can give people information that truly matters to them. If […] Continue Reading

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