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04.26.2011  /  

Slides Prevent Us From Connecting at a Human Level

Mac Slocum interviews Nancy Duarte at Web 2.0 The kind folks at O’Reilly had me speak at Web 2.0 and then Mac Slocum asked some s-m-a-r-t questions at their booth. Watch the video below to hear answers to these four questions: Are presentations inherently broken? Are we going about it the wrong way? If you […] Continue Reading

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04.01.2011  /  

Sticky Note Sabotage

This April Fool’s Day, it seems like everybody’s getting in the spirit, and Duarte is no different. We took note of the date (ba-ha!) and decided to use our trusty stickies to have a little Fool’s Day fun. We’re no strangers to sticky notes, but this is definitely the most fun we’ve had with them. Special […] Continue Reading