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01.28.2009  /  

Interacting with Slides

Nancy Duarte’s slide:ology is five months old and still, deservedly, going strong. Long may it wave. Although Nancy and I have worked together for many years, I still keep going back to slide:ology for her wonderful creative ideas. I’m particularly taken with the structure of her Chapter 11, “Interacting with Slides.” One of the basic […] Continue Reading


01.22.2009  /  

Did You?

Speeches, even historic ones, aren’t generally visual presentations. So Duarte Design didn’t really expect an invitation to provide visuals for the Inauguration (though we’re definitely available, should the need arise in the future). Still, anyone interested in creating compelling presentations can learn a lot from President Obama. The Duarte team gathered in our Town Hall […] Continue Reading

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Second Life Lecture Update

If you’ve signed up for Nancy’s upcoming Second Life lecture… re-mark your calendar! The presentation has rescheduled from its noon time slot. She will now be presenting a little later that day at 1:30pm PST Who: Nancy Duarte What: 60min lecture When: Tuesday, January 27 at 1:30pm PST Where: Microsoft User Group Island in Second […] Continue Reading


01.19.2009  /  

Technology Review: 123PPT VBP, a long-time supplier of PowerPoint resources (templates, backgrounds, photos, fonts, sound effects, music), recently released the 123PPT Video Backgrounds PowerPoint Add-In, a PowerPoint plug-in that allows you to insert full screen video backgrounds into your PowerPoint presentations, and a corresponding standalone player—the 123PPT Video Backgrounds Player (VBP). While it is a PC-only application, it […] Continue Reading

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01.15.2009  /  

Tips for Presentations of a (Second)Lifetime

Presenting via a webinar is tough to do.  Presenting in a virtual world as an avatar will surely have nuances that are new for me. Tuesday, January 27, I’ll be on an island getaway. I’m not talking about Hawaii. I’ll be giving a lecture on Microsoft Users Group Island in Second Life. I had to […] Continue Reading

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01.12.2009  /  

Five Predictions for Presentations in 2009

I was asked to contribute to a blog post being pulled together by Olivia Mitchell from New Zealand who has a great blog called Speaking About Presenting. The criteria for submission was to answer the question: “What trends you would like to see in PowerPoint slide design in 2009?” First of all, it’s nice to […] Continue Reading

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01.09.2009  /  

How to Create a Presentation for Someone Else

The kind folks at interviewed me for an article on their site. They have plenty of great content for communicators. I’ve pasted our article below: How to create a presentation for your speaker By Christine Kent Streamline the process of creating slides for your speaker Not all of us who work in communications are […] Continue Reading

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01.05.2009  /  

Things to Celebrate in the New Year

Only five days in, and already 2009 has some wonderful things to offer! Each year, Bert Decker releases  a list of the Top Ten Best (and Worst) Communicators. The list has named some of the heaviest hitters to ever step on a podium, including the notoriously eloquent Barack Obama. This year, Nancy Duarte made the […] Continue Reading

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