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12.30.2008  /  

The value of you…in type

The value of you, in your design… There’s nothing I love more  than a personal touch in a design project, when there’s a balance between the use of the computer and the creativity behind the person designing the piece. There are a lot of ways to do this. Whether it involves photos you’ve taken or […] Continue Reading

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12.22.2008  /  

Marty Neumeier

Nancy Reunzel over at PeachPit sent me a sneak peek of Marty’s Neumeier’s new book The Designful Company. The book isn’t for design firms but is for any company that needs to solve complex business problems. I loved his other two books Brand Gap and Zag, so I knew I’d love this one. He writes […] Continue Reading

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12.18.2008  /  

Slide Consommé

I recently read listened to The Making of a Chef by Michael Ruhlman, a fascinating and, ummmm… delicious journey into the world of the Culinary Institute of America. Ruhlman documented his experiences as a student at the Institute, and he brought those experiences to life with a richness I’ve rarely found in non-fiction. I loved the […] Continue Reading

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12.17.2008  /  

Firsts and Lasts at MacWorld Expo in San Francisco

I have two pieces of big news about MacWorld to share. Firstly, the upcoming January 2009 expo is the last time Apple will show up to their own party.  That’s kinda like Jim Jones not showing up for the Kool-Aid, but I guess there’s a time for all things to end. Secondly, yours truly will […] Continue Reading


12.16.2008  /  

The MOST beautiful PowerPoint animation ideas, please download these ASAP!

The title of this blog post is the subject line of an e-mail I sent to my entire team just this morning. Microsoft announced this amazing new useful set of sample PowerPoint 2007 slides that will blow you away. You too should download them ASAP! They wisely hired Julie Terberg to develop several sets of […] Continue Reading


12.12.2008  /  

The Trouble with Transitions, Episode 3

Having all kinds of crazy slide transitions in your presentation can be more distracting to your audience than helpful.  Let’s face it, not all transitions work well to help you deliver a powerful message. And, if you think they don’t work well together in a presentation, you should see how they act when they have […] Continue Reading

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12.09.2008  /  

Interview with Legendary Illustrator Christoph Niemann

Last week I had a handful of people all send me the same link to a charming story in the New York Times by Christoph Niemann. He illustrated his opinion piece on napkins using coffee as his ink. It’s clearly popular because (as of right now,) it has 614 comments! The thing I love about Christoph’s […] Continue Reading

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12.04.2008  /  

Using Maps in Presentations

In a world of global business, maps seem to be all but unavoidable in presentations… and sadly end up as little more than a cliched slide “filler”. Maps get over-used because they can be a lazy way to “add some more graphics” to a presentation. The most common offenders are “Corporate Locations” maps that are […] Continue Reading

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12.03.2008  /  

Start with a pencil, not a mouse.

OK, I’m tired of seeing presentations that are seemingly inspired while sitting at the computer. It feels like people don’t sketch anymore. ¡C’mon! We are seeing too many presentation designs that scream, “Hey, I know how to use the new 3D tool in PowerPoint!” Remember: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. You are […] Continue Reading

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12.01.2008  /  

Registration is open for Presentation // Reboot Conference with Garr Reynolds

The web site has just launched for the event I’m hosting with Garr Reynolds in March. There are three different dates you can attend this one-day event, March 17, 18 and 19. We’ve rented the TechMart in San Jose where Garr and I will present for about half a day each (lunch is provided). It’s […] Continue Reading

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