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11.24.2008  /  

New York, New York

Exciting news–I’ve just learned there’s quite a buzz about my talk at Columbia tomorrow, so we’ve been moved to a bigger room! The presentation has been moved from Uris Hall to Warren Hall. Details: Tuesday, November 25 from 12:30-2pm Columbia Business School, Warren Hall, Room 209 And don’t forget, I’ll be speaking at the SoHo […] Continue Reading

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11.21.2008  /  

Not an Apple Store Today…

…can keep Nancy away. Some of you may know Nancy recently spoke at San Francisco’s Apple store. Well, if you East Coasters were jealous of your Western brethren, you’re in luck! While in New York, Nancy will be speaking at the Apple store in SoHo. So head on down to the corner of Prince and […] Continue Reading



CMU’s Randy Pausch’s S.T.A.R. Moments

The meetings at Carnegie Mellon were amazing. The students and faculty here are very energetic and smart. The first order of business was a critique that Ryan Orcutt and I held with the grad students. The students are working hard on the AIGA Aspen Design Challenge. The water crisis is so vast we could see […] Continue Reading

Delivery / Strategy

11.19.2008  /  

Information Design Handbook

There’s a lovely new book that just came out called The Information Design Handbook by Jenn and Ken Visocky O’Grady. it is similar to mine but they focus on the principles of information design (their book is square too which is cool!) Most of the content in the book can apply to slide design. Here […] Continue Reading

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11.17.2008  /  

Presentations at Carnegie Mellon & NYU!

Presenting at the Apple store was surreal. There was a nice enthusiastic crowd which included folks from O’Reilly, some family, some TEDsters, Tony Zander (who took the photos for me) and Bert Decker and his wife Dru. Bert did a great blog post on the power of Twitter for this event. He used Flip Video […] Continue Reading

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11.14.2008  /  

Speaking at SF Apple Store

I’ll be speaking at the Apple store in downtown San Francisco tomorrow at 6:30. The Apple stores as a whole placed a wonderful-sized order for the book. They should be on the shelves of the stand-alone Apple stores no later than next week. Of all the news I’ve received about the book, this one gives […] Continue Reading

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11.11.2008  /  

Cliché of the Week: Clip Art

True story: I was working with a client, reviewing his existing slides with him, and making notes as to what needed work. We came across a data slide containing a large piece of clip art, similar to the fellow you see here. It was the only graphic in the entire presentation. I impulsively reached for the […] Continue Reading

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11.07.2008  /  

My two favorite books are in Amazon’s Top 10 for 2008!

For the first time ever, two visual communication books have made Amazon’s Best Business Books of 2008 top ten list and they happen to be two of my all-time favorite books. First there’s everyone’s favorite: PresentationZen by Garr Reynolds This book is in the #3 spot of all Business books. The book was beautifully written […] Continue Reading

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Presentations on a Plane

We’ve all sat through it a million times. Most of us outright ignore it. We tune it out, turn on our iPod, and start perusing the aisles of the Sky Mall. Some people even spark up conversations while it’s happening. Can you imagine a presentation less engaging than the airplane safety announcement? The audience members […] Continue Reading

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11.05.2008  /  

Election Day!

After costing us more than the GDP of a small developing nation, election day has finally come and gone. A political cartoon seems in order. After all, cartoons have been used for persuasion and visual story telling for centuries. In my humble opinion, the best cartoons need the fewest words. The best ones are also […] Continue Reading

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